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since I want to hide my true identity from my friends and family, I call myself Mr. Gonzo here. I hope thats ok for you. I’m in my mid-thirties and I’ve been involved with Virtual Reality since the beginning. Besides, I’m a real VR porn nerd.


Porn fan through and through

Porn has been with me since my adolescent times. Starting with VHS cassettes, CDs, Blu-rays and 3D porn, I arrived in the digital VR porn age. And it’s the most realistic porn experience ever. Virtual reality porn completely overshadows everything that has been seen so far. For the first time in history, it’s really possible to feel like a porn star in the midst of beautiful actresses.

In order to bring you closer to this experience, I made it my mission to review various VR studios and write down my experiences with them. So you know firsthand, which studio has what to offer. For this I review the VR porn movies with my Oculus Rift CV1. Since many people still do not own VR glasses, I also bought a VR case for smartphones. I´m currently using it with my iPhone 6s.


Oculus rift

My oculus rift CV1


How I got in touch VR porn

The idea for my website was pure coincidence. As an avid tech fan, I took part in the Kickstarter Campaign of Palmer Luckey and bought me the Development Kit 1. Immediately, I was fascinated by Virtual Reality. The first time is, as you know, always the best time. And so I was not able to get away from this experience anymore. Because the potential seemed enormous.

As soon after the first VR porn appeared, the whole thing was seen as a gimmick. The quality just could not convince me. And so I let the topic rest quickly. When I bought the Development Kit 2 from Oculus, I revisited the topic. This time I used streaming websites. But the experience was still very poor. There was hardly anything recognizable in the pixel heap. I did not really see what was happening in front of me. And so the topic went down again. Finally, when I received the Oculus Rift Consumer Version 1 in April 2016, the VR studios had already evolved considerably.


All good things come in threes

And so it came that I devoted myself to the topic a third time. I bought me an account for Hologirls VR. This time, the experience was completely different. Due to the better displays in the VR glasses, the 4K recordings of the studio and the super smooth 60 frames per second, I was immediately overwhelmed. From then on, I knew I had to go into this topic more closely. So I decided to buy accounts from other VR porn studios like BaDoinkVR, WankzVR, CzechVR, Naughty America VR, Reality Lovers and to review them as well.

All in all, it was an overwhelming feeling. Quickly, I decided to create a website on the topic and to deal with the matter more deeply. This is how my website www.vrporn4k.net. came into being. I hope you like the reviews and also you can get excited about the topic Virtual Reality Porn.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or write me directly using the contact form below. Keep in mind, that this is no support and I can not help you with problems. I also want to say that I do not cooperate with VR Studios in any way. Therefore, my reviews are absolutely honest and are based on personal views. And now, I wish you a lot of fun on my website.