9.3 Total Score
  • Great immersion
  • Very good image quality
  • Two new clips every week
  • The most attractive woman
  • Many video formats for all devices
  • Good value for money in the annual subscription

With BaDoinkVR, another high-quality supplier is involved in the booming VR porn market. BaDoinkVR is a subniche and belongs to the main company BaDoink. The company was founded in 2006 by the CMP Group and has established itself well in the porn market.

As one of the first VR Studios on the market, the provider offers its customers high quality, professional and attractive VR porn clips in best quality. I got me an annual subscription and write down my personal experience with the studio. In the review at the bottom, you will find out my rating along with all the pros and cons.


BaDoinkVR Members Area

After receiving my login details, entering and confirming that I’m no robot, I’m ready to go. The site sets a corresponding cookie on your PC when logging in. This eliminates the annoying entry of access data with each visit. At first glance, you immediately notice that the members area hardly differs from the sales side. Only downloading the videos works now without me being redirected to the subscription site 🙂

BaDoinkVR Members Area


Customer is King

Customer Satisfaction is written BIG at BaDoinkVR. I notice this with further going through the members area. You can find discussion forums for each clip. There I can write my opinion and make suggestions for future projects. Many of these proposals get implemented in future videos. In addition, there is a forum for “Scenes Ideas”, technical support for problems with the VR device and a forum for general topics.

The participation of the members is surprisingly large. Support answers quickly. BaDonikVR really cares about its customers. As the only VR Studio on the market to date, BaDoink offers its customers a free VR player for the PC as well as for the smartphone.

Discussion Forum


Hot VR porn actresses, convincing VR experience

As you can already be guess in the non-members area, the actresses are highly attractive and a real eye candy. Even if the appearance is a matter of taste for each individual. In my opinion BaDoinkVR has the most attractive actresses on the market. I think there is something for every taste. Whether blonde, brunette, Latina, Asian or dark-skinned, they really leave very little to be desired.

The actors do not just fuck banal in front of the camera. Rather, these are role-plays, fantasies and themes such as a sex scene from the Street Fighter game. Elsewhere, an Easter bunny is nibbled, or the naughty schoolgirl punished. From blowjobs to anal sex, everything can be seen. To get an impression, you can download a free clip on their website.

Download Section


You won´t ever watch porn on a flat screen again

In the members area of ​​BaDoinkVR, I can filter everything according to my preference. Also, the direct sorting for actresses is possible. The videos are very high quality and the selected camera perspectives gives an great immersive feeling, which looks amazingly realistic.

This is not just a quick porn shooting. This is thoughtfully considered before to provide the customer with the best VR porn experience he has ever seen. The videos quickly show that the producers are thinking about what the viewer likes and what is convincing in virtual reality before shooting the scene. The actresses know what the customer wants at any time.


They know how to use their bodies in Virtual Reality. They come close to the camera and kiss me so that I automatically tip my own lips. They squeeze her breasts together that I really want to bite. The VR experience is very convincing. BaDoinkVR definitely puts quality before quantity. After this amazing experience, it’s clear, porn on a flat screen is a thing of the past.

Currently there are more than 200 VR porn movies in the library (as of January 2018). For every scene, you can download a three-minute preview, even without a membership. So you´ll get a first impression.

Ultra Realistic Porn Experience in VR & Immersive 3D
BaDoinkVR - Download Free Samples & Watch Them With Your VR Glasses Now!


BaDoinkVR wants to help you – more fun and confidence in the bedroom

The studio is not only interested in shooting VR porn. It is also intended to help people in the bedroom. Currently, they are researching how to help couples and singles. On the subject of impotence, erectile dysfunction and more self-confidence in bed, is extensively tested. Also, how man can get more endurance in the bedroom. With special sextoys (Teledildonics), which synchronously act to the VR video, BaDoinkVR wants to give its customers a completely new kind of experience and help to get more perseverance.

Fear of sex and pressure to perform are serious issues and occur more often than man likes to believe. Here, BaDoinkVR wants to help with special clips to make sex more relaxed. The presence is conveyed through VR porn, the audience actually feels absolutely immersive. So he can really feel and accept fears and problems.

These are exactly the fears that he would feel in a correspondingly real situation. In the virtual world, he can confront these fears and then heal them. These special videos are made available to every customer in the BaDoinkVR subscription and are available there for free of charge.



Razor Sharp in High 4K Resolution

Just as CzechVR, WankzVR, Hologirls VR and NaughtyAmerica VR, BaDoinkVR offers its customers the possibility to choose between different video formats. The videos are optimized accordingly for the respective playback device. You can choose from Mobile (30FPS), Mobile (60FPS), Oculus Rift / HTC Vive, Gear VR and PSVR.

The video format Mobile (30FPS) is designed for older low-power smartphones. It offers the lowest image resolution and quality. It shows 30 frames per second, which corresponds to the cinema standard. The playback of these videos requires, sometimes by the lower resolution, significantly less power.

Download Options


Best Image Quality in Real 3D

The best quality is provided by the format for the Oculus Rift / HTC Vive. Here I get 4K resolution with 60 frames per second. This makes the video scene absolutely lifelike and fluid. The picture is crisp, thanks to 4K resolution. The format for the Oculus Rift / HTC Vive can also be played on powerful smartphones. However, the other HQ versions are optimized for smartphones and offer also excellent quality. Everything is filmed in true binaural 3D and gives a brilliant spatial impression.

The viewer really starts thinking he is in the middle of the scene. Although Hologirls VR remains unbeatable in this category, BaDoinkVR has an overall very good picture quality. Everything is clearly recognizable and sharp. The movements are fluid. The colors look lifelike and the sound can also convince. Here, I feel the same level with CzechVR. All popular VR glasses / devices / smartphones are supported on the market. Also the OSVR of Razer and the Playstation VR.

The VR Porn clips are available in the MP4 format, which is pleasing on the one hand, since they can be played smoothly and smoothly. Even on weak PCs and smartphones. On the other hand, the format is not exactly saving space. The file size is sometimes huge.

On average, most of the clips are about six gigabytes in size. Even some heavyweights with nine gigabytes are among the videos. Mind you, all in the highest quality level. I currently have over 150 clips from BaDoinkVR on my hard drive. These occupy exactly 627 gigabytes. Since I still have subscriptions to other studios, I had got me an new 3 Terabyte hard drive 🙂


Cheap membership in the annual subscription

There are three membership options. The first one does not make much sense, even if the price of $1 sounds tempting. Here you get one-day access and access to one video. If you want unlimited access in highest quality, you have to choose at least the monthly membership. This costs $24.95 a month at BaDoinkVR. You can cancel your membership at any given time. Computational most attractive is the membership for a whole year. I have also opted for the annual subscription.

BaDoinkVR Subscription

Here I can get full access for a full year for $5.95 per month. It’s worth it to me because I’m a big fan of VR. The total amount of $ 71.40 will be paid once at the beginning of the subscription. Again, you can of course cancel at any time. However, the membership is valid until the end of the booked period. Accordingly, there is no money back if you cancel early. BaDoinkVR publishes two new videos a week. So you have guaranteed constant supply.

The payment options are quite limited. There is a choice to pay by VISA or MasterCard credit card. The free VR glasses for smartphones is only available in the US. But if you have to buy some of your own, they do not cost the world. Good ones are available from 10-20 USD.


Conclusion – my experience with BaDoinkVR

BaDoinkVR is one of the leading VR porn studios on the market. In my opinion, absolutely right. The overall quality they offer convinced me. Especially, the hot actresses did it to me. As mentioned above, the appearance is a matter of taste. The majority of the ladies appeals to me.

The picture quality is at a very high level. No wonder, with high 4K resolution. The majority of the clips were filmed in 180 °, which is more than sufficient. Who wants to see what happens behind you, while the whole action takes place in front? If you insist, you’ll also find a few 360° clips in the library.

  • A little annoying is the naming of the files. I can only suggest you to name the files before saving all to your hard drive. Put an 001 in front of the first file name and continue with all the following downloads.
  • Another annoying thing is that it is not possible to use a download manager. So I had to select and download each file individually. Unfortunately, no studio allows the use of an Download Manager. Probably because the links could otherwise be passed on to third parties.
  • Another nuisance, only credit cards are accepted. Even in 2018, it is not self-evident that every adult has a credit card.

In conclusion, I can say that I recommend BaDoinkVR to every VR fan. The studio goes to great lengths and listens to requests and criticism of its customers. The tight second place has earned BaDoinkVR. Currently, WankzVR is my number one studio.

9.3 Total Score
Very high quality, lots of choice and good value for money

BaDoinkVR sits on the second place right after WankzVR. After extensive tests, I came to the conclusion that I like the studio almost as much as WankzVR. For me the attractive actresses and the huge selection are decisive. The annual subscription pushes the price down to $5.95 a month - which is perfectly reasonable for me.

Image Quality
Members Area
Price-Performance Ratio
  • Great immersion
  • Very good image quality
  • Two new clips every week
  • The most attractive woman
  • Many video formats for all devices
  • Good value for money in the annual subscription
  • Payment only possible with credit card
  • No download manager allowed
  • Filenames badly named
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)
Ultra Realistic Porn Experience in VR & Immersive 3D
BaDoinkVR - Download Free Samples & Watch Them With Your VR Glasses Now!

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