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Hologirls VR - Download free sample videos instantly and watch them now with your VR glasses

Hologirls VR is a renowned studio that has adapted the virtual reality technology immediately. No other sector uses the latest technology as fast and as optimally as the porn industry. Sometimes, just only thanks to this, many technologies make their big breakthrough.

As the VHS cassette was about to come to the end of its days and threatened to prevail as standard medium Betamax, the porn industry decided to use the VHS cassette to spread their films on the market. This was also the end of the Betamax. Virtual Reality is no exception. It is rumored that VR glasses will prevail only thanks to VR porn. I bought an annual subscription from Hologirls VR and wrote down my experience with the studio in the following review.


Hologirls VR Members Area

The members area at Hologirls VR is quite modest. After I subscribed to the annual membership, I received an e-mail with my access data. Immediately logged in, I almost get the same page shown to me that I can see without a subscription. There are no differences. I can now only download the desired clip without restriction and will not be redirected to the payment page.

The overview shows 15 videos per page. At 8 pages, I currently come to a number of just about 201 VR porn clips. A considerable amount. The selection is great and there are many categories. I can sort by rating, publication date or title. In addition, I can search by tag for things like “tattoos” or “upskirt”.

Hologirls VR Members Section


Only the least options

After clicking on the desired video, I get to the overview. In addition to the thumbnails, I can see in what quality the scene was filmed. At first, the studio took their first videos in Full HD and 30 frames per second. But quickly they realized that 4K and 60 frames per second are the way to go and provide a much better image quality. But more on that topic later.

Right next to the pictures is a recommendation on how to watch the clip for best immersion. For the best experience, a reclined or sitting posture is usually recommended. And indeed, when I position myself just like the actor, the scene feels incredibly lifelike. The head tracking works flawless and just gives me the feeling that I am in the middle of the scene.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity for customers to rate the video by stars. Unfortunately, Hologirls VR has no option to make comments or express your wishes. So I can not write what bothers me about the scene or what I would like to see in the future. There is definitely some catching up to do here. This is significantly improved by providers such as BaDoinkVR or WankzVR.

Choice of Download Format


Many devices supported

My main focus is on the download. I finally want to see something. If I click on the “Download” tab, I will see many options. It is possible for me to download the desired video in the optimal format for Oculus Rift / HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR or other VR devices. The videos are optimized for the corresponding VR glasses and their resolution. The videos for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive offer the best quality and resolution. The selection “iPhone / Android pre 5” is the lowest. This benefits the compatibility of weak smartphones.

The different formats also offer the advantage to download the lowest quality first and get a little taste of the video. If the performers and the scenery meet your taste, you can just download the Oculus Rift version with the highest quality. The higher resolution makes itself noticeable in size. The higher the selected quality, the larger the file.

Hologirls VR Format for all devices


H.265 Codec can cause problems

Right here, Hologirls VR has opted for a compromise that is curse and blessing at the same time. The H.265 codec used is the best compression method the market has to offer. It ensures an enormously high image quality with low memory usage. So, most clips are only 2 gigabytes in size with ~ 20 minutes on average. Other providers have values ​​of 5-6 gigabytes. And that with lower image quality.

So far so good. But the problem of the codec used: A powerful PC is required. The CPU must master the decompression. Otherwise, the viewer sees just a stuttering video. The codec also causes problems on smartphones. Even on the powerful iPhone 6S, it was not possible for me to play the files wich are optimized for the Oculus Rift.

After some complaints, Hologirls VR has dedicated the problem and now offers all videos in the H.264 codec. This allows the clips to play smoothly even on weak devices. The picture quality is identical. Only the video file uses more memory on the hard disk.

The naming of the files is not ideal. If you want a solid arrangement, you have to number them chronological. I have downloaded all scenes in the H.265 format and get, with 201 clips, just about 270 gigabytes of space usage. For comparison, at Czech VR, 203 videos occupy a whopping 530 gigabytes. Download managers are not allowed. As with all other studios.

Hologirls VR
Hologirls VR - Download free sample videos instantly and watch them now with your VR glasses


Outstanding Image Quality with great Immersive Feeling

I’ve been involved in VR Porn since 2014. The first attempts were laborious. Free streams are still 90% horrible in 2017. The lousy quality gives a completely wrong impression what VR really can. But only after I had seen a video of Hologirls VR for the first time, I was absolutely convinced of the technology. Very specific was the video “How to fuck a rockstar“.

The picture is crystal clear. The screendoor effect of the Oculus Rift is hardly noticeable here. Movements are absolutely fluid. This enormously enhances the impression of presence. When I saw the dick, whom the lady takes out of her mouth and stretches out to me, my first reaction was a back shrug. Similarly, a colleague of mine has responded. In this category, Hologirls VR is the clear winner.

  • Blowjob
  • Tittenfick
  • Solo
  • Reiten

As for the immersion, the provider seems to know exactly what the viewer wants. Hologirls VR is, like all providers in the review, at a very high level. Even though Czech VR is the winner in this category, I also find the experience with Hologirls VR overwhelming.

I think the studios improve each other by taking a closer look to the competition. In the first steps ,you can clearly see that the proportions of the actresses are represented a bit oversized. As a result, the entire scenery looks bigger than it really is. This, however, was significantly improved in later scenes and is currently no longer a problem.


Actresses and Scenes

I consider this point as a matter of taste. Therefore, this does not really flow into the rating. Nevertheless, I would like to write about my experiences with Hologirls VR. The selection is huge. There is something for everyone. Whether Asian, dark-skinned, brunette, blonde, slim or big booty. I found the majority of the actresses appealing.

There are some familiar faces to see. Among others Abella Danger, Romi Rain, Joanna Angel and many more. Amateurs can be found in the numerous clips as well. Whether anal, oral, lesbian or solo, the selection is great.

What I did not really like were the many solo clips. I’m not a big fan of it. Nevertheless, it seems very appealing to be so close to an actress while she is satisfying herself. The library currently has over 200 VR porn clips to choose from. New high quality items are added weekly.

In some of them, the cameras are so brilliantly positioned that I often think that everything really happens in front of my nose.


VR pleasure without hassle

If you do not have any experience with VR porn, you’ll love the numerous demo videos at Hologirls VR. You can download and test them in any format. So you can convince yourself of the quality before. This will give you a taste of this fantastic new kind of porn experience. You can assume the role of the main actor and enjoy the hottest women up close.

The very long playtime of the clips are pretty impressive. Some VR studios usually offer videos with an average of ten minutes. Most clips on Hologirls VR have a playing time of over 20 minutes and more. So I can put myself relaxed in the scene and enjoy the VR experience.

There is really something for every taste. Many scenes are filmed with 220 ° to 360 ° prudence. They are available in best 4K quality and true stereoscopic 3D. In addition to the convincing binaural sound, most videos are filmed at 60 frames per second. This not only makes the experience more lifelike, but also prevents nausea and dizziness. Only the first attempts were filmed with 30 FPS.

Depending on the format, the scenes are in over / under mode. Therefore, you have to adjust the settings in your VR Player on over / under and 360 ° prudence. There are some VR players for the smartphone on the net. But Hologirls VR offers its own VR player to ensure maximum compatibility. The player named Kolor Eyes is available free to customers. Meanwhile, it was renamed to GoPro VR Player.


Many payment methods and three subscription options

For the free demo videos, no additional account or access is required. These can be stored on your hard disk and played. If you want to enjoy the full extent of Hologirls VR, you can fall back on one of three subscription models. All subscriptions offer full access to all videos in the portal. These can be saved on your own hard disk and remain available even after the subscription has expired. They are yours. Direct streaming is not possible.

The trial subscription for a full month costs $19.99. Three months cost $53.99. The annual subscription, I’ve chosen for me, is $179.99. Divided by twelve, you get a monthly price of $14.99. A Hologirls VR promo code can not be found on the net. This field is just for gift vouchers.

All in all, the offered value for money is ok and good average. Despite everything, I get much cheaper with $ 5.95 per month at BaDoinkVR. What I really liked are the many payment options. Below that, you can pay by Visa or MasterCard credit card. Likewise, I can have the amount due debited by SEPA direct debit. If you want to pay completely anonymously, you can rely on the increasingly popular Bitcoins. The free VR headset is only available if you live in the USA.



Hologirls VR – Conclusion of the Review

Hologirls VR gets a lot of things right. The library includes well over 200 VR porn clips, which is really a lot. The quality offered is beyond any doubt and delivers crisp images. Here, only the displays used in the VR goggles, limit. By enlarging the lenses used, the so-called screen door effect is created. This means that the black lines between the pixels become visible. Especially with VR glasses of the first generation like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the Playstation VR.

Smartphones already offer better displays here and the 4K technology is just around the corner. Rosy times awaiting us. Because if this shortcoming is eliminated in the near future, it will be difficult for the user to distinguish between reality and virtual reality. The outstanding immersion and the many payment methods complete the program.

The members area could not completely convince me. There is definitely potential for improvement here. Especially that I can not comment the scenes, bothers me. But thats no broken leg.

The mentioned H.265 codec is a problem for older PCs. A powerful CPU is required for smooth playback. I had no problems with my Intel Xeon E3-1231V3. But the Hologirls VR crowd responded quickly to criticism and added the much more compatible H.264 codec for all videos. So, even weak PCs should have no problem with playing them. In my review, Hologirls VR thus just finished on fourth position.

9 Total Score
Best Image Quality, lots of Videos and Great Immersion

Hologirls VR offers the best picture quality in my review series. The studio can also convince with great immersion and very attractive actresses. The wide selection justifies the subscription price and offers good value for the money.

Image Quality
Members Area
Price-Performance Ratio
  • Best picture quality
  • Great immersion
  • Many payment methods
  • Huge selection
  • H265 codec can cause problems - H264 replacement is offered
  • Proportions are shown a bit large in the first videos
  • Members Area - no user comments possible
  • No download manager allowed
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Hologirls VR
Hologirls VR - Download free sample videos instantly and watch them now with your VR glasses

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