Porn for Playstation VR – Watch now in real 3D!

You want to watch VR porn with your Playstation VR? I’ll tell you how to watch it the right way!

The Playstation VR is Sony’s new flagship. Since autumn 2016, Virtual Reality headsets have been available for purchase both in retail stores and online. Oculus and HTC were the first two companies that made their VR headsets available to the mainstream market. But the VR industry relies on Sony.

The real adaptation of the masses takes place on the most widespread systems. In this case, this is the Sony Playstation. Surely Microsoft will present a VR headset for the XBox in the near future. The Virtual Reality boom is also due to the popularity of VR Porn.

Czech VR - guy wearing psvr headset

Czech VR

With PSVR, Virtual Reality will either achieve a breakthrough. Or everything will fail. In this case, the market will stagnate and remain interesting only for enthusiasts. This depends largely on the price of the VR headset as well as the intended use. In this case, these are games and VR videos. In the distant future, films should lead us into virtual realities in which we lose ourselves. But VR pornography is also a hot potato and could lead to the breakthrough of the technology.

*Update 2 – Now you can watch VR porn with your PSVR in real 3D and 180/360° – see below


With PSVR, Virtual Reality will experience the deserved boom

Sony can already score points at the price. Compared to Oculus and HTC, the price is surprisingly low and could lay the foundation for success. Another advantage: While buyers of VR headsets need a very powerful computer for the PC, Playstation VR users only have to spend money on the console and the headset itself.

That is the reason why all the industry’s hope lies in Sony. Because the Playstation 4 already has 40 million users. Even if only 10% are interested in Virtual Reality, this would still be 4 million headsets sold. Soon, it will be clear, which software line-up can convince the users of the Playstation, to purchase a PSVR. The decision should be taken at the latest with the third generation of the PSVR.

Wankz VR PSVR Format

But also the porn market has a decisive influence on the success of VR technology. As in many other areas, it is once again the porn industry that determines the success or failure of a technology. Because it is the porn industry that often adapts and uses the latest technology first. Be it at his time VHS cassettes, CD/DVD/Blu-Rays, 3D porn, 4K porn and now PSVR porn.


Watch VR Porn with your PSVR now

Shortly after the release of the Playstation VR, clever users were able to watch VR Porn on Sony’s PSVR. Currently, however, this is limited to a two-dimensional reproduction of monoscopic 360° videos. Accordingly, the videos look somewhat flat. In VR Porn for the PC, the viewer feels like the main actor in a 3-dimensional space. I’m sure that this shortcoming will be fixed soon and nothing stands in the way of enjoyment of PSVR porn. In the following, I explain how to watch PSVR porn videos.

*Update 1

WankzVR now officially offers the appropriate video format for the Playstation VR.

Watch Now: VR Porn for PSVR at WankzVR


Thats what you need to watch:

To be able to watch VR porn with your PSVR, you only need the following:

  • Playstation 4 or Pro
  • Playstation VR headset
  • USB Stick or external USB Harddisk, formatted in FAT32 or exFAT Format (VR Porn Clips have a size between 2-10 Gigabyte!)
  • PC or Laptop


And that’s how you watch PSVR porn on the Playstation VR:

  1. First of all, the appropriate video material is required. The video should be of high quality. Otherwise, you’ll lose interest very quickly. Streaming pages only offer pixelated short clips on which nothing much can be seen. On the home page you´ll find such HQ providers as WankzVR, BaDoinkVR, Czech VR, Hologirls VR, Reality Lovers and Naughty America VR. Currently, only monoscopic 2D videos with 360° panoramic view are supported. But hopefully, Sony should lift this limitation soon. Until then, you can also watch VR Porn with a smartphone and a cheap VR headset.
  2. After you have downloaded the video clip to your PC’s hard drive, copy the clip to a USB drive. This must be formatted in FAT32 or exFAT. An USB stick or an external USB hard disk drive is perfect for this purpose. Now copy the PSVR porn into a folder called “VIDEO”.
  3. Connect the stick or hard drive to the free USB port of your Playstation 4.
  4. The PS4 Media Player App should be up to date. Version 2.50 is required. If you have a previous version, press the “Options” button on the PS4 controller and then select “Check for updates”. Support for VR videos was only added from version 2.50 onwards.
  5. After updating the media player, you can search for the previously created “VIDEO” folder on the USB stick / USB hard drive.
  6. Once you´ve found the folder, select the PSVR porn video you want to watch and press Play. Make sure, the media player is running in VR mode. Otherwise, the video will not play. To do this, hold down the “Options” button on the PS4 pad and select “VR Mode”.
  7. Enjoy. And don’t forget to lock the door 🙂


Update: How to watch porn with your PSVR VR in real 3D and 180/360°

It took a long time, but finally it is possible! Thanks to a rather unknown app, VR Porn can now be enjoyed on the Playstation VR in true 3D and 180/360°. Many thought, it would be impossible to watch Virtual Reality porn with the Playstation. After all, most of them were surprised, when it became possible with some tricks.

In spite of everything, the whole thing had a considerable catch. Before, the spatial impression with the PSVR was completely missing and the VR porn clip seemed flat. The Media Player App from Sony could only display VR videos in 2D. PSVR fans missed out on the exciting new world of VR porn.

But the developers of the Playstation VR App Littlstar VR Cinema made it possible. That’s what half of the Playstation world has been waiting for. The app not only supports 3D VR porno movies, but it can also read and directly stream from USB. This makes watching VR porn on the Playstation VR super easy 🙂


Littlstar Update 1.07

With the release of the new Littlstar version 1.07 this changes. The Littlstar app can be downloaded free of charge from Sony’s Playstation Store. The app is quite unknown to many people. This is probably because the developers of Littlstar want to fly under Sony’s strict radar and finally allow PSVR fans to watch VR porn in real 3D.

Real 3D in 360°, that’s what many PSVR fans have been waiting for. This also allows you to watch “non-porn videos” in 3D. But the special thing about the app is the USB support. This makes it easy to retrieve videos from the USB stick or an external hard drive. This was previously only available to Sony’s in-house apps.

The following screenshot shows the function 180 SBS / OU and 360 SBS / OU. SBS means Side by Side. A slightly distorted image is displayed on the PSVR for each eye. This creates the stereoscopic 3D effect and VR porn is finally working as it should be on the PSVR. Things feel close enough to touch now.

Littlestar App


The developers write in their statement:

“The player will support 2D and 3D 360 and 180 content, something the PlayStation player does not currently support (they only have basic 2d 360). We are the only company to have this available, so it is an exclusive feature to LittlStar on the PSVR. The community was asking us for this because Sony does not have a proper player to support it, so this was really an effort for the community. There were people offering to pay us for it, but we’re offering it for free and just asking for registration. This will enable content creators to preview and showcase content on the PlayStation without needing to go through a potentially lengthy process of upload/transcode/delivery via LittlStar. We’re excited to get this feature out there, and look forward to iterating with the community on future projects”.


What does that mean for me?

You can finally watch VR porn in realistic 3D with your Playstation VR. You can now download the videos from WankzVR, BaDoinkVR, Czech VR, Hologirls VR, Reality Lovers and Naughty America VR and save them to a USB stick or an external hard drive (see the instructions above for copying videos).

And thats how you do it:

  1. Log in to the Playstation Network
  2. Open the Playstation Store
  3. Search for the App “Littlstar”
  4. Download the App (you have to register)
  5. Download a high-quality VR porn clip on to your PC
  6. Save the video or videos to a USB device in the Video folder (see instructions above)
  7. Name the file names correctly (see below)
  8. Open Littlstar
  9. Click on play and enjoy 🙂


You can play all 3D VR videos with Littlstar. You just have to make sure that the videos are named as follows:

180 SBS (side by side) video: _180_SBS.mp4
360 SBS (side by side) video: _360_SBS.mp4
180 OU (over/under or top/bottom) video: _180_OU.mp4
360 OU (over/under or top/bottom) video: _360_OU.mp4

For example: Dirty_Neighbours_180_SBS.mp4

You have to know exactly in what format the video is. Most of VR Studios already name the files accordingly.

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