Wich is the Best VR Headset for Watching Porn?

I can tell you one thing already before you read any furter: If you are seriously interested in Virtual Reality and not only want to watch VR porn, you will only be happy with a proper VR headset. VR headsets like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive are perfectly tuned for the real VR experience. The displays are placed perfectly and the lenses optimally aligned. The feeling of presence is significantly higher than with a universal VR device. Solely, the Samsung Gear VR can come closer to the experience as it was designed specifically for Samsung devices and can only be used with them.


Choose Your VR Headset According to the Size of Your Smartphone Screen

The disadvantage of many universal VR headsets is that they are designed for smartphones from 4 to 6 Inch. As a result, the FOV (field of view) depends too much on the smartphone used. If you put a smartphone with a 6 Inch large display into such a VR device, you have a much better VR experience than with a smaller 5 Inch display.

This is due to the fact, that the edges are more visible on a 5 Inch screen than on a larger smartphone. So, much immersion gets lost, which spoils the VR experience. Most devices are designed to work with as many cell phones as possible. Therefore many headsets can not offer the VR experience, which offers a proper VR headset like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or the Playstation VR.

For this reason, it is optimal to choose a VR device that is designed for the smartphone display to be used. If you own a smartphone with a 5 Inch screen, you should buy a VR device designed for 5 Inch smartphones. The experience will be much better than with an universal device, which is designed for smartphones between 4 and 6 Inches. Since the lenses and the housing were tuned for 5 Inch devices.


Virtual Reality IS the Future

Oculus RiftThe topic of virtual reality is still in its infancy and needs to develop. But even now it is clear where we are heading with VR. Especially applications or games in which the player assumes a fixed seating position, such as sim racing games, flight simulators and space games feel already incredibly realistic. With VR controllers of the HTC Vive or the Oculus Touch Controllers, which simulate our hands in VR, the feeling of actually being there is enormously high.

In order to be able to represent all this in a fluid and believable way, an enormous amount of computing power is required. A modern PC offers this computing power. A smartphone is in no way such powerful in its approach to be able to represent such a realistic graphics without stutter.

In addition, other input devices such as steering wheels, pedals, hotas and Co. can be used on the PC, which give the player even more presence and reality. Suddenly, you really feel in the race car on the racetrack. Often you can find yourself thereby how you want to reach for the (virtual) rearview mirror, before you realize that you do not really sit in a racing car.


Smartphones already ideal for VR porn

However, if you want to get a taste of virtual reality and you are mainly interested in VR porn, then you should buy a pair of VR headset that use a smartphone as a display. They are an great and inexpensive way to get a first impression.

Because VR headsets of the first generation from Oculus (699, – €) and HTC (899, – €), are still very expensive and need a very powerful PC to display games with at least 90 frames per second in high resolution. However, prices should fall significantly in the near future. At the latest, when more and more competing products flood the market. Steam VR, as a open source software, promises a lot of movement for the future.


Cheap VR Headsets for Your Smartphone

At the moment, VR glasses for smartphones are a good alternative to get a first impression of VR. These are already available from $20. With small apps, such as a roller coaster ride, the user is already well conveyed, what he can expect from the future with VR.

As far as VR porn is concerned, smartphones are already ideally suited for it. The newer models already have a better and sharper display than VR headsets for the PC. This ensures a lower screen door effect. The black dots between the individual pixels result from the fact that the lenses produce a magnifying glass effect and you zoom in very close to the display.

With the Oculus Rift Simulator, it’s easy to see how much better the picture will be on better displays. Mobile phones with good displays therefore offer an even sharper picture. Smartphones are already available with 4K display. Since you only watch an VR video, the smartphone does not have to make such intensive calculations as in games. Therefore, the computing power of new devices is absolutely sufficient to play even high-resolution 4K porn in VR without stutter.


Which VR Headset is Recommended for VR Porn?

In the meantime, many different VR glasses are available on the market. The prices are now so low that an entry with the Google Cardboard made of cardboard is no longer worthwhile. For just $20, there are much better devices available. These offer more comfort, a better look and various settings for the smartphone used. I recommend the following three models that are suitable for every budget.

  • Cheap
  • Fits for 4 – 5.5 Inch Smartphones
  • Cheap
  • Fits for 3.5 – 6 Inch Smartphones
  • Cheap
  • Fits for 4 – 6 Inch Smartphones
  • Bluetooth remote
  • Built in Headset

  • The first model is ideal for beginners and costs just under $20. It can accommodate smartphones between 4 and 5.5 inches.
  • The second model costs a little more, offers space for smartphones between 3.5 and 6 inches and hardly differs from the first model.
  • The third model offers built in headphones and a Bluetooth remote control, which simulates a mouse on the screen. This makes it possible to use the smartphone much like a PC if the app supports it. Otherwise you would have to remove the smartphone constantly from the VR headset to forward or backward to forward or switch the video. Therefore, a slightly higher investment is certainly an advantage.

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