Czech VR

9.1 Total Score
  • The best immersion
  • High image quality
  • Direct streaming
  • Access to the entire Mental Pass network
  • Gigantic selection

Czech VR is a young and yet very established project. It belongs to the Mentalpass network and has a wide range of porn in many categories. These include Amateur Sex Teens, Bitch Stop, Czech Casting, Czech Girlfriends, Gyno Violations and Lesbian Pickups. There are two more VR categories in the Virtual Reality section. These include Czech VR Casting and Czech VR Fetish. With a subscription, you get access to the entire network. I bought me straightly a 6 months subscription to Czech VR and want to share my experience with you.


Czech VR Members Section Experience

After completing my subscription, I receive an e-mail with access data and a link to the members area. What upsets me immediately, I have to enter a captcha with each login. The problem is, you get logged out after each restart of your browser and have to resolve the captcha eacht time you visit Czech VR.


The members area is clear and logical. As stated above, I get access to the entire Mentalpass network. That means, there are more than 600 videos available. A considerable amount for a subscription price of $ 24.95 per month!

There are over 200 VR poon clips (as of January 2018) available. In the tab “Network Sites” you can choose which network should be displayed. Then after, you get to the overview and can decide wich video you want to watch.

Czech VR Mentalpass Network


Get the Best Experience with Your VR HMD

There are two servers available for your downloads. Europe and USA. Thus, enough bandwidth is available to load at full speed. I was able to fully utilize my bandwith. As for download, Czech VR provides various video formats for the most common HMDs:

  • Smartphone LQ – 30FPS
  • Smartphone HQ – 60FPS
  • Gear VR – 60FPS
  • Oculus Rift / HTC Vive – 60FPS.
  • Playstation VR – 60 FPS

The size of each clip is shown. The larger the file, the better the image quality. I downloaded all VR porn clips with the highest quality (Oculus Rift) available to my hard drive. With 203 clips, I got my hard drive filled with about 720 gigabytes. The file size varies between 1 to 7 gigabytes.

After the download, all videos belong to me. That means, I can play them anytime. Also after the end of my subscription. The videos are encoded in .mp4 and are compatible with most devices on the market. Just like with BaDoinkVR. Very important to me, the files are numbered consecutively. Starting from 001, to the present 203th. With that, everything is wonderfully organized. Unfortunately, no download manager is allowed here either. So every file has to be loaded individually.

Czech VR
Czech VR - Watch Free Sample Videos Right Away with Your VR Glasses!


Direct Streaming without Download

Another advantage, the clips are directly streamable. So, you dont have to download them to your device/hard disk. For this, I can simply copy the displayed link and paste it into my desired VR Player.

Depending on which VR Player is used, the stream will either start immediately or be fully loaded first. Czech VR changes the links every few hours. This prohibits passing them to third party user. Customers have the opportunity to rate the videos and write their opinion below.

Video Download


Eastern European beauties as close as ever

As the name suggests, Czech VR offers attractive women from Eastern Europe countries. Since the appearance is a matter of taste, this aspect is not included in my review. My experience with Czech VR is quite positive. The majority of the ladies are very appealing. All types are represented. Brunette, blonde, ebony, small, tall, slim, big booty.

Many categories are available. Whether anal, oral, solo, lesbian or fetish, they all get their money’s worth. In the VR Casting series, you can watch real amateurs who seem to be taking off their clothes for the first time in front of the camera.

In the fetish VR program, all fetish fans get their money’s worth. The beauty of the actresses, they usually are none professional porn stars. Most are young and pretty ladies, who are not used to standing in front of a camera. Everybody who does not like hardcore porn but amateurish ladies, gets their money’s worth.

In the videos there is barely any talk. Often Czech, rarely English. Who expects profound stories, is at the wrong place here.



Great VR Porn Immersion

In the category immersion, Czech VR can more than convince. This studio is one of my favorites when it comes to immersion. Together with the very pretty women, they offer the best VR porn experience on the market.

The cameras are superbly positioned and give the viewer a middle-of-the-range feeling, that is second to none. In the review I noticed that the studio increases it´s quality with every new video.

Even the first clip can convince and gives you a great VR experience. But the more experience the studio collects, the better the immersion gets. In later clips, you can clearly tell that Czech VR gains a lot of experience as they produce.

Often I get the impression that I’m in the middle of the scene. The ladies are so close to the camera that I’m ready to tip my lips. It feels incredibly intimate.


High image quality thanks to the latest technology

Czech VR uses the latest technology available on the market for their VR porn. For example, the high-resolution 4K technology with stereoscopic 3D and 60 frames per second, is used here to offer the viewer an enormously realistic VR experience.

The result is impressive. The actresses are close enough to touch and the experience is scary real. Often, the viewer gets the feeling that he does not wear VR glasses, but is really in the middle of the scene. Not infrequently I’m inclined to grab, until I realize again that this is just VR a porn scene 🙂

  • czechvrcasting
  • czechvrfetish


Larger File Size = Better Image Quality

The 180 ° prudence is more than enough to feel in the middle of the action. At first, Czech VR filmed in 360 °. Later, they might have seen that 180 ° are sufficient for a credible VR experience. Due to the lower prudence, the file size is reduced by about 30-50%. This is noticeable in a faster download time and less occupied hard disk space.

Similar to Hologirls VR and BaDoinkVR, Czech VR also offers videos in various quality levels. The Oculus Rift / HTC Vive version has the highest resolution and quality. The videos for weaker smartphones are lower resolution to ensure smooth playback. This is also noticeable in the size of the files. The high-quality videos are sometimes twice as large as those with the lowest quality level.

Of course, all versions can be downloaded and viewed here as well. You can watch the highest Oculus Rift version with your smartphone as well. If the CPU power of your phone is enough. That was not a problem with my iPhone 6s.

I can see the difference especially on my Oculus Rift. The picture is simply much more crisp, everything looks sharper. Only disturbing thing is the screendoor effect the first generation VR Glasses offer. The clips have a sufficiently long running time of at least 20 minutes. So I can relax and immerse myself in the scenery.


Czech VR subscription with access to all portals

As I mentioned earlier, as a customer, you gain access to all Mentalpass networks. At the moment, there are more than 650 videos available in highest quality. And new ones are added daily. Alone in the VR porn section there are more than 200 videos available.

Therefore, Czech VR offers a really fair price-performance ratio. The monthly subscription costs $24.95 and provides a good insight. Three months cost $49.95 and six months $84.95. Purely arithmetically you come with the subscription for half a year on a monthly price of $14.15. You can cancel all subscriptions at any time.

Of course you can save all videos from all portals on your own hard drive and continue to watch them after the end of your membership.

Very positive are the many payment options. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, UKCash or completely anonymously with a paysafecard. You can buy these at every petrol station or in the supermarket.



Supported VR devices

All VR devices on the market are supported. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, OSVR, Razer VR, Samsung Gear VR, Playstation VR and all other Smartphone VR devices. If the display built into the VR device or smartphone offers a sufficiently high resolution (HD), there is nothing in the way of VR porn enjoyment.

The head tracking (movements of the head) is detected correctly by the built-in smartphone acceleration sensors and reproduced in the video. With the VR devices for the PC, the tracking camera ensures the correct recording of all head movements. So you can look in the scene where you want.

I find the riding or the classic doggy style position particularly spectacular. When you position yourself similar to the video, you actually get the impression that you have the luck to have this lady in front of you. But all other positions are convincing and feel extremely realistic as well.


Conclusion – My Experience with Czech VR

With Czech VR, an Eastern European provider is entering the market and they do not need to hide them from the big US competition. The immersion is one of the most convincing I ever experienced. The Czechs have perfected themselves in this area and offer the viewer an incredibly realistic porn experience.

I do not know what can be more improved there. The image quality has convinced me as well. Most of the VR clips are filmed in 4K Ultra HD and everything looks crisp. The selection is gigantic. Over 200 VR porn videos fill the library. The members area is clearly arranged and offers the most essential things. I think the price-performance for the offer is excellent.

What bothered me was the login area. Here I have to solve a captcha every time I log in. I’m definitely not a fan of it. But the ever-increasing spam on the Internet is driving many companies to these measures. The ladies hardly speak at all. It did not bother me. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned again.

All in all, my conclusion is very positive. Of course, a little bit of personal taste flows in. The whole package at BaDoinkVR convinced me a little bit more. Everything looks a little more professional. Czech VR therefore has to rank very close to first place in the review.

9.1 Total Score
Best Immersion, Good Image Quality

Czech VR takes the third place in the reviews. The VR experience is overwhelming. The selection is huge and the prices are okey ish. The actresses are mostly attractive and sexy. With a six-month subscription, the price comes down to about $14.15.

Image Quality
Members Area
Price-Performance Ratio
  • The best immersion
  • High image quality
  • Direct streaming
  • Access to the entire Mental Pass network
  • Gigantic selection
  • At each visit solve a Captcha
  • Hardly spoken in the videos
  • No download manager allowed
User Rating: 3.67 (3 votes)
Czech VR
Czech VR - Watch Free Sample Videos Right Away with Your VR Glasses!

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