5 Best Virtual Reality Porn Sites for Women

Not only men are fascinated by VR porn. Online surveys confirm: Over 34% of women are interested in virtual reality porn. They offer an unprecedented and extremely realistic porn experience. The business of porn in virtual reality is booming. More and more VR studios are springing up like mushrooms. It is to be expected that in the foreseeable future, a multi-billion euro business will develop from this. A not to be underestimated part of the revenue will be generated by women in the future. Accordingly, both sexes want to be served equally.


Porn for women is no longer taboo

It’s no surprise, that more and more women watch porn. A case study shows, that every third woman watches pornographic movies at least once a week. 10% consume porn even daily. And yet, persistently holds the assumption that women find porn movies repulsive. Statistics, however, show a different reality. Because the numbers mentioned do not lie. Only cumshots in the face seems like a problem for most of the women.


More and more VR porn for women

Although most of the VR porn on the market is still filmed from the man’s point of view. But the number of studios offering VR porn for women is growing steadily. Accordingly, some studios also offer VR porn from the woman’s point of view. Similar to the variant for men, virtual reality porn for women offers an breathtakingly genuine and to the reality confused similar experience.

Interesting: Men can also take the perspective of the woman and experience how sex could feel from the point of view of the lady 🙂


No nausea in VR movies

Women are much more sensitive to the so-called motion sickness. A feeling that occurs when you put on VR glasses like the Oculus Rift. The user usually feels nausea and a strong dizziness. However, this feeling only occurs in rendered 3D worlds like games. Here, the user can move freely in the 3D world. As virtual reality is faked in VR glasses, our brains lose their balance. The situation is different in films with a fixed position. Here, only the head can be turned. Free movement in the room is not possible. Accordingly, the Motion Sickness does not occur in VR porn.


The 5 best VR Porn studios for women

But how and where should you, as a woman, search for appropriate movies? After all, the sector is mostly geared towards men, who are willing to pay. I made the effort as a man and picked out the five best VR Porn sites for women. The search has proven to be troublesome. But in the end I could find a good selection:


#1 YanksVR

YanksVR is a virtual reality porn studio made from women for women. This is also reflected in the nature of the videos. They are very different from the hardcore porn for men. The atmosphere is relaxed. There is no hectic fast sex to see. In addition, many of the ladies seem to have real orgasms in front of the camera. This considerably increases the enjoyment factor. The actresses are real amateurs, no known pornstars. Everything looks 100% authentic. There are also over 100 VR porn videos for women. A considerable number, for such a small target group. Every week there is a new video! The high number of videos is the reason, why I placed YanksVR in first place.



#2 VirtualRealPassion

VirtualRealPassion is a website that specializes in VR porn for women. With just over 20 VR movies, here is a pleasingly large selection available. In addition, Teledildonics sex toys is supported. So you get an even more real VR experience. Unlike the male counterpart, you can download every single movie here as a lady. With $2.95 per video, the prices are fair.



#3 WankzVR – Free VR Porn videos for women!

WankzVR is my favorite studio. It offers (in my opinion) the best (men’s) VR porn experience for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Co. One reason for my enthusiasm is the wide choice, the high quality and fair prices. WankzVR currently offers four free movies for the ladies! Perfect to get a taste of VR. All you have to do, is select the VR glasses you own and enter your e-mail address. And immediately, you can download all four videos for free.

WankzVR for women


#4 BaDoinkVR

With BaDoinkVR, I personally had a very good experience. The studio offers extremely high quality and sophisticated VR movies. In my review, BaDoinkVR finished in second place. The studio also offers special VR porn movies for women. Currently, there is a limited selection available. This will certainly change in the near future. You can find the films from the ladies’ perspective in the category under “Female POV“. To download them, you need a paid subsciption. If you want to do something good for your husband and get him a subscription, you can of course download the clips for ladies as well 🙂

BaDoinkVR for women


#5 Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers is another studio that is specialized in VR Porn for Men. But here, the desire of the ladies for porn was not ignored. And so Reality Lovers currently offers nine VR videos for download in the category “for women”. All videos were filmed from the female perspective. A subscription is also mandatory here.

Reality-Lovers-VR-FOV Women

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