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BaDoinkVR Diry Roommates

VR porn feels only good when the lighting is right. The brighter the setting, the more details you can see. The picture is sharper and more appealing. The best scenes are also in bright daylight. Videos in the dark, on the other hand, appear fuzzy and low in detail due to the low resolution of the VR glasses of the first generation.

One thinks quickly that the video quality is bad. Most VR studios have recognized this problem and record their clips in bright conditions. In today’s VR Porn Clip, BaDoinkVR has paid attention for good lighting and a high quality of the video. The video is about two hot but quarrelsome neighbors. The laughing third is the spectator.

The video has a total length of a whopping 37 minutes and, in the highest quality level, a file size of 6.8 gigabytes. Below is a three-minute demo clip that gives you a first impression:

VR Porn Download:

  • Oculus Rift Version: Download
  • Mobile 60 FPS HQ Version: Download
  • Direct Stream (copy link): http://promo.badoinkvr.com/d/104_Dirty_Roommates/BaDoinkVR_Dirty_Roommates_3M_oculus_180_180x180_3dh_LR.mp4


Top VR Porn – Nice setting and good lighting

The setting in the video looks like this: Your new girlfriend, the pretty little brunette Lady Dee, has once again upset her roommate Blanche Bradburry. She did not wash the dishes and let them left. Blanche’s place raves into the room to complain about her little girlfriend and gets caught doing a hand job.

At first shocked, she is visibly impressed. Lady Dee offers her a pardon with her new boyfriend, you. This one can not say it twice and quickly it gets to the point. Sit back, put on your VR glasses and enjoy with these two beauties the hottest threesome you have ever experienced.



The actresses seem a bit amateurish, which I like personally. They are obviously not often in front of the camera and do them self a little hard with the text. Lady Dee is a slightly shy brunette with full lips and Asian roots. But the shyness is quickly gone as soon as the two start pampering you.

Blanche, on the other hand, is a dominant blonde who knows what she wants. She has an incredibly aesthetic body that you do not look at first. Really two very appealing young ladies with hot curves. The Immersion of the video is, once again, overwhelming and I like it a lot.

If you really take the time and watch the video from beginning to end, you can really get into the actors skin and feel like you are there instead of him. I would not like to tell you more about the video. The video is a must have for any VR porn fan and should definitely be viewed.


High Picture Quality

BaDoinkVR has been able to improve image quality over time. The studio initially set to 30 FPS and a low compression method, the current videos are very high quality and sharp. Also this video was filmed with 60 frames per second in real 3D and very high 4K quality. The 180 ° view is more than sufficient and halves the file size compared to 360 ° porn. As always, I downloaded and watched the highest Oculus Rift quality.

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